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Grand Tour de Chine

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Before I forget the crazy things that I have done during my May trip across China, I will write down the detailed schedule. When I was revisiting my Bangkok trip just now, I felt that it was very amusing to recap my itinerary. 

Day 1 (Beijing to Qufu)

High Speed Train from Beijing South Station bound to Shanghai

Arrive in Qufu

Check in Qufu International Hostel

Lunch near old gate of Qufu

Take the horse cart to Qufu Cemetery

Proceed to Qufu Mansion and Temple

Qufu Night Market for dinner

Day 2 (Qufu – Qingdao)

Yan Temple

High speed train to Qingdao

No. 6 Bathing Beach (Near Railway Station)

Zhan Bridge

Check in hostel

Seafood dinner near Olympics Park

Walk to Olympic park and bike riding around

Walk to Wusi Square

Taxi back to hostel

Day 3 (Qingdao)

No. 1 Bathing Beach

Promenade along the beach line to Huashi Villa

Lunch (Qingdao Beer Street) 

Tsingtao Brewery Museum

Stone Man Beach

Dinner near Stone Man Beach

Day 4 (Qingdao)

Laoshan Hiking

Dinner near Hong Kong Middle Rd. 

Day 5 (Qingdao – Guangzhou)

Noon flight to Guangzhou

Check in hostel ( Fangchun MRT)

Stroll along Pearl River

Beijing Rd. Pedestrian Street (dinner)

Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street

Day 6 (Guangzhou)

Breakfast at Taotaoju (yam cha)

Canton Fair

Dinner at Tianhe CBD

Day 7 (Guangzhou)

Kaiping Diaolou Trip – Zili Village

Dinner near Fangchun MRT

Day 8 (Guangzhou – Kunming)

Noon flight to Kunming

Kunming Wujiaba Airport to Green Lake

Stroll around Green Lake

Dinner at Hongdouyuan

Yunnan University

Kunming Railway to Lijiang

Day 9 (Lijiang)

Breakfast Yunnan crossing bridge Noodle

Stroll around Lijiang Old Town

Stroll around Lijiang New City

Day 10 (Tiger Leaping Gorge)

One day tour Tiger Leaping Gorge

Yangtze River First U-turn

Day 11 (Lijiang – Dali)

Arrive Dali at noon

Tour Dali Old Town


Dinner ( Foreigner Street)

Day 12 (Erhai Tour)

Cruise around Erhai

Xizhou for lunch

Dali Railway to Kunming

Day 13 ( Kunming)

Cycling around Kunming City

Repose in hostel

Day 14 ( Kunming – Beijing)

Arrive Beijing 


Il y a longtemps

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Jeudi, 21eme Octobre 2010, Taipei, pleut

It has been long time since I updated my blog last time. So, what’s new with  my life? I thought I should ponder on it every night before I go to bed, but time passes so fast that I seldom ignore it.

I bought an iPad!!! OK. That’s not the news. Life goes as busy as bees every day since my new semester. I worked as a tour guide, I worked as a junior consultant in a great startup consulting company – I like my boss. I worked in the airport, welcoming Miss Taiwan for her return to Taiwan, and make friend with her..XD I attends group meetings, personal meeting, works in the lab, joins regular dinner or lunch with my great friends. Nothing really changes.

For one reason, from three rose buds before Andy’s return, only one flourishes. Everything happens for a reason, I believe.

Besides that, I am not going back to Indonesia this winter holiday, I hope I could bear the cold weather here in solitude. And if everything goes right, I will visit Tokyo and Kyoto next spring holiday! So excited on that^^

Willim is going back to Medan soon, just feel that it must be so hard to say goodbye again after a lot of farewell happened this year. I will definitely miss him. Everyone will walk their own path. Should I continuing study? haha. Life is so tricky. Let it go then..XD

Wilson Tio


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Some people say that being alone is a good time for somebody to contemplate about their life, I am totally agree with that! Spending time contemplating about your own life is a must.



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A few days before, I went to Alishan with my friends to watch the sunrise and take the old train railway to get there.  At the height of more than 2600m, watching the sunrise and the sea of cloud in Zhushan, Alishan was amazing… The sunrise just break through the mist and the panorama was wonderful. These are a few photos I’ve taken :

Sunrise in Alishan

Sunrise in Alishan


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Coffee, that single word always appear in my mind when I found life is uninteresting as it should – it’s my alcohol.

Love the quotes: “Black as the devil, Hot as hell, Pure as an angel, Sweet as love.” ~Charles Maurice de Talleyrand-Perigord

Coffee vendor in Maokong


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Tonight we’ll feast and celebrate for the graduation of seniors students , including me. This event is NTUISA’s(National Taiwan University Indonesian Student Association) tradition to congratulate the senior students for their endeavor during these 4 years and hope that they can successfully chase their dream in the near future. I am so glad to be a member of this society, and I would like to thanks all NTUISA members for their warm-heartedness, for their shoulder, for their support during these years. My life in the university won’t be that colorful without you guys. And special thanks to Andro Halim, Maxwell He, and Jelly Tiffany for being perfect leaders for this society, and for all the crazy activities – KTV, bowling, cycling, supper, cinema, all-you-can-eat, etc. I will miss you a lot! I believe I will.

NTUISA, I love you!

Farewell 2010


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Learning is a process

Learning to remember people’s name of every different languages.

Learning to remember somebody’s important event.

Learning to listen and keep it as long as I can.

Learning to be someone special for the one expecting it.

Learning to love deeply and passionately again.

Learning is a process

Travel by Bill Bryson

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“To my mind, the greatest reward and luxury of travel is to be able to experience everyday things as if for the first time, to be in a position in which almost nothing is so familiar it is taken for granted.” — Bill Bryson

I love this quote very much! Todays, we take most of the things of our life for granted, that makes life banal, but travel is about experiencing new and fresh one!

Andy Salim,Carling and me

My 24 h

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Being a collegian, I was “granted” a demanding schedule. I don’t know how should I appreciate my busy schedule. Almost everybody in my university love to be busy..I just wonder what we are thinking about. Recalling what I’ve done that makes me that “occupied”, I can hardly speak out the results from the doing things that have occupied my 4-year university duration. My motto of life is to be a bon vivant, a person that know how to appreciate life and fully live our life. But does this mean I should occupy all my time doing things? Sigh… C’est la vie! Just get used to it.

With Taiwanese friends @Sasin Business Challenge in Bangkok


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When I heard a lot of speeches from successful persons, I always noticed that they always say the same thing, that we have to differentiate ourselves from others, or what is called 與眾不同 in Chinese. In fact, everyone loves it!

Shanghai Oriental Pearl Tower